Talking About Garden Bed Borders

Talking About Garden Bed Borders

  • 3 Tips For Proper Pruning Of Citrus Trees

    Growing citrus trees in your yard can be a fun and productive project. Citrus trees are popular in residential properties because they can survive in a wide range of soils and they can thrive in a variety of plant hardiness zones. This is not to say that your citrus trees will not need a little bit of TLC to keep them healthy. Pruning is important for aesthetic purposes and for the overall health of the citrus trees.

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    Talking About Garden Bed Borders

    Hi there, I'm Lexi Bennett. I would like to share my ideas for lining your garden beds in bricks, stone or pavers. The garden beds look a lot more complete when you take the time to surround the edges with a nice border. Furthermore, the border keeps weeds from entering the garden in great numbers. You can also create a small trench right inside the stone border to promote good draining characteristics. I will discuss border material ideas and setups on this site. My site will also explore all of the benefits of using a border around your garden beds. Please visit again soon to learn more about this interesting subject.