Talking About Garden Bed Borders

Talking About Garden Bed Borders

3 Pro Tips To Remember When Installing Your Own Sprinkler Irrigation System

Gloria Mills

Maybe it's the idea of having your lawn appear as the perfected emerald carpet that holds your home or perhaps you simply have a hard time with dying grass. Whatever it is that makes you desire a perfectly green and pristine lawn, you are bound to start looking into DIY irrigation. When it comes to DIY irrigation, the typical solution is to add your own sprinkler system to your property. While this can be a DIY task, it does often also require some expert advice. Check out these three pro tips to help you along the way with your DIY sprinkler irrigation system. 

Tip: Make sure the water distributed will make contact with the water spray from another sprinkler head. 

One of the biggest mistakes DIYers make during DIY irrigation is not getting enough coverage with the distributed pattern of water. To avoid this problem, simply make sure when you install a sprinkler head, the spray from that particular head will reach the spray from another head in the yard. By installing each sprinkler head in this fashion, you will have even and consistent watering without dry spots that do not get enough moisture when the sprinklers are turned on. 

Tip: Rent a trenching device to install your water lines. 

As simple as it may sound to dig a trench for the water lines of your irrigation system, this can actually be quite the challenge. Not only will you be digging several small trenches, you will have to do so in an even manner to ensure consistent water flow to each sprinkler head. Instead of trying to tackle this task with a shovel, rent a small trenching machine or device. These machines cut right through the soil and sod to a depth that you have predetermined and make the whole process much easier to complete. 

Tip: Flush out the water lines before attaching the sprinkler heads. 

Once you have all of your lines in place and you are ready to attach the sprinkler heads, there is one important step you do not want to forget. You must flush out the water lines before attaching the heads because the openings of these lines can be stuffed with dirt and debris. If you don't turn on the water and allow this stuff to be pushed out the open end before attaching the sprinkler head, you could clog yup the heads and have to pull them off to clean out tiny bits of clogged dirt. 

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