Talking About Garden Bed Borders

Talking About Garden Bed Borders

Three Mistakes To Avoid In Your Irrigation System

Gloria Mills

Installing the proper sprinkler system for your lawn starts with the supplies you choose. The following are some mistakes to avoid when you are designing your irrigation system.

#1: Choosing the wrong type of system

You have a couple of options when it comes to a residential irrigation system – drip irrigation or broadcast irrigation. Broadcast irrigation is your standard irrigation that sprays water over a large area. This is the type of system you want for large lawn areas. If you have garden beds or lots of shrubbery, drip irrigation is a better option. This type of system drips out a steady stream of water directly to the soil surface, where it then quickly soaks into the root zone. This works well for gardens and shrubs because foliage can otherwise prevent the moisture from a broadcast system from making it to the roots before it evaporates. Also, wet foliage on many garden plants is more prone to fungal diseases.

#2: Putting cost over quality

Nearly every irrigation system is a custom system designed to fit your specific landscaping needs. This gives you an opportunity to mix and match parts. Just be cautious so that you don't waste money on cheap parts that don't do the job that you need. For example, it can be well worth it to invest in copper sprinkler heads and emitters if you tend to damage them often with a lawn mower, as opposed to frequently replacing cheap heads. You may also want to invest in more emitters than the minimum to ensure more even coverage or to better tweak your specific sprinkler zones.

#3: Picking out the wrong style of emitter

Emitters, also called sprinkler heads, come in a couple of different styles. Most homeowners are familiar with the rotary style and the standard spray emitters. Rotary styles work well for large areas as they move the arc of water back and forth. Spray emitters are a good option for smaller lawns or lawns that need more limited coverage, such as near sidewalks or patio areas. There are spray emitters that cover a full circle, half circle, or quarter circle increments so that there is an appropriate pattern for almost any space. These don't tend to have as great of coverage as rotary emitters, so you will need to have more emitters per zone.

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