Talking About Garden Bed Borders

Talking About Garden Bed Borders

Four Landscaping Tips That Can Help With Privacy For Your Yard And Home

Gloria Mills

You may have recently moved into a new home where the outdoors spaces seem a little too 'on display' for the rest of your neighborhood. There are plenty of landscaping techniques that can cover up your space and still keep it looking nice. Here are four ideas that can help with landscaping your yard in a way that will promote privacy.

1. Larger Trees and Shrubs

Using greenery to beautify your yard can also create a more secluded environment for your home. Tall plants or trees can be great near windows you would rather not be exposed or for lining fences that are lower than you would like. If you need a cover that grows quickly, live bamboo will fill in spaces and grow tall if you can't wait on slower growing trees to offer the same amount of coverage.

2. Taller Fencing

If your fencing isn't tall enough to keep your backyard private, investing in taller fencing can keep your space more secluded and serene. A more affordable option is to work with the fencing that you have already. You can top this with a lattice trim that can give you an extra foot or two of privacy.

3. Private Spaces Within Your Yard

If you have areas in your yard that could benefit from a bit more privacy, such as hot tubs, gazebos, or patios, you can section these areas off. Using movable bamboo or rattan screens, you can make sure to pinpoint coverage in areas of your yard. These can also be moved or stored if you don't need partitions available all of the time. Curtains can be added around hot tubs or gazebos as a way to offer up quick privacy and can be pulled back when these aren't needed.

4. Raised Planters for Added Height

Section off your yard for privacy with plants by incorporating raised planter boxes that can promote your landscape and privacy at the same time. Planter boxes can serve as a low wall and can elevate otherwise shorter plants to offer privacy. These can work well for walkways and for surrounding front yards.

You don't need to sacrifice style in your yard when it comes to your privacy needs. A little bit of planning can keep your space less exposed and at the same time play up features in your yard. Incorporating plants and other accents to help with your privacy options in your yard can be both functional and stylish.


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