Talking About Garden Bed Borders

Talking About Garden Bed Borders

How To Prune Lilacs

Gloria Mills

Lilacs are beautiful shrubs that contain purple-colored flowers, usually that grow at eye-level. They also contain a very sweet fragrance. If you have lilacs in your yard, you will need to learn how to prune them, which keeps them under control and allows them to continue growing without incident. Here are some tips for pruning and trimming lilac bushes.

Aim for Old and New Stems

You want a good balance between old and new stems on a lilac bush. It shouldn't be all new shoots, or all old stems, regardless of their quality. To maintain this good balance, start trimming when they get to the a couple inches in diameter. This allows you to keep renewing the plant by pruning some of the other stems, but keeping the smaller ones in place. Then there is room for new growth without thinning out the bush too much.

Deadhead the Bush Routinely

You also want to remove the dead flower heads in order to encourage fresh blooming of the lilac flowers. This is a process called deadheading. It can be done along with other routine maintenance you do about once a year or so. A good way to tell when the head of the flowers is starting to die and should be removed is when those flowers fade. You will notice an obvious lightening of the colors and quality as opposed to the rest of the flowers on the bush. Remove them at their base, allowing for new shoots and flowers to bloom in the following season.

Remove Diseased and Misshapen Stems

Along with removing the dead flower heads, you also want to remove any diseased or dying stems as well. Like the flowers, the stems that are diseased or dead look obviously less healthy than the rest. They may have dark brown or black spots, or have an ashy appearance. You will also notice a lot more bugs being drawn to the dead branches and stems of the lilac bush. In addition to these, look for any stems that are misshapen or that are not productive with very little flower shoots, and remove them as well. This techniques allows you to thin out the bush so only healthy stems will grow the following season.

Consult a Landmark Landscape does water features company if you want tips for how to grow larger lilac bushes or for placement tips. They can also help you when it comes to maintaining and pruning your current lilac bushes. 


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