Talking About Garden Bed Borders

Talking About Garden Bed Borders

3 Tips For Proper Pruning Of Citrus Trees

Gloria Mills

Growing citrus trees in your yard can be a fun and productive project. Citrus trees are popular in residential properties because they can survive in a wide range of soils and they can thrive in a variety of plant hardiness zones. This is not to say that your citrus trees will not need a little bit of TLC to keep them healthy. Pruning is important for aesthetic purposes and for the overall health of the citrus trees.  You can ensure that your citrus tree has green leaves and delicious fruits with a strategic pruning approach. These 3 pruning tips will ensure you have the most productive citrus trees in the neighborhood.

When to Prune

Citrus trees are actually evergreens, but you still need to be selective about when you prune them. In colder climates, citrus trees usually bloom in late spring. The fruit production will come later than it will in mild climates. In fact, citrus trees can produce all year long in mild (and even hot) climates. When deciding the best time to prune, it is advisable to prune your citrus trees immediately after seeing the first signs of spring growth. If you wait too long, the tree will struggle in the summer heat. But, if you do it too soon, your new branches could be killed by frost and overnight colds.

Cut the Tip Off of Productive Branches

When pruning your citrus tree, you need to choose the most productive branches and eliminate the others. This is called selective pruning. This gives your healthiest branches a better chance of bearing great fruit. Cutting the ends off your most productive branches will encourage them to grow thicker and stronger in the end. As you selectively prune each season, you will train your tree to send all the nutrients to the vital branches.

Get Rid of the Bad Parts

There might not be any fruit on your tree in the early spring months. But, if you live in a warmer climate, you might still be producing great citrus fruit throughout the year. You should remove any fruit that is not ripe during your spring pruning. Look for branches that have a high percentage of rotten or inedible fruits. You might want to remove these entire branches. If more than half of a branch's fruit looks bad, then you should prune that entire branch.

Pruning is essential for maintain healthy citrus trees in your home landscaping. Contact a landscaping company like Martin Landscaping for more information.


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