Talking About Garden Bed Borders

Talking About Garden Bed Borders

  • How To Prevent Pests In Your Yard

    Holding a yard does not only come with benefits, it requires a lot of hard work to sustain the investment and also to protect the landscaping from any damage. For instance, here are a few ways to prevent pests in your yard: Beware that not all insects are harmful As a matter of fact, insects like parasitic wasps, lacewings, and ladybugs are mostly helpful within your garden, as they eat the harmful insects that cause pests.

  • 3 Pro Tips To Remember When Installing Your Own Sprinkler Irrigation System

    Maybe it's the idea of having your lawn appear as the perfected emerald carpet that holds your home or perhaps you simply have a hard time with dying grass. Whatever it is that makes you desire a perfectly green and pristine lawn, you are bound to start looking into DIY irrigation. When it comes to DIY irrigation, the typical solution is to add your own sprinkler system to your property. While this can be a DIY task, it does often also require some expert advice.

  • Three Mistakes To Avoid In Your Irrigation System

    Installing the proper sprinkler system for your lawn starts with the supplies you choose. The following are some mistakes to avoid when you are designing your irrigation system. #1: Choosing the wrong type of system You have a couple of options when it comes to a residential irrigation system – drip irrigation or broadcast irrigation. Broadcast irrigation is your standard irrigation that sprays water over a large area. This is the type of system you want for large lawn areas.

  • 3 Steps To Creating An Oasis In Your Own Backyard

    For many homeowners, there's nothing quite like coming home to a lush tropical retreat. But if you don't live on the edge of the beach in the tropics, you might think that it's an impossible dream. The good news is that you can create your own tropical paradise in your own backyard just about anywhere. Here are 3 tips to get you started. Size and Shape The first thing to consider when planning your tropical retreat is how much of your yard you want to devote to it.

  • Four Landscaping Tips That Can Help With Privacy For Your Yard And Home

    You may have recently moved into a new home where the outdoors spaces seem a little too 'on display' for the rest of your neighborhood. There are plenty of landscaping techniques that can cover up your space and still keep it looking nice. Here are four ideas that can help with landscaping your yard in a way that will promote privacy. 1. Larger Trees and Shrubs Using greenery to beautify your yard can also create a more secluded environment for your home.

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    Talking About Garden Bed Borders

    Hi there, I'm Lexi Bennett. I would like to share my ideas for lining your garden beds in bricks, stone or pavers. The garden beds look a lot more complete when you take the time to surround the edges with a nice border. Furthermore, the border keeps weeds from entering the garden in great numbers. You can also create a small trench right inside the stone border to promote good draining characteristics. I will discuss border material ideas and setups on this site. My site will also explore all of the benefits of using a border around your garden beds. Please visit again soon to learn more about this interesting subject.